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"Learning and Incorporating Spiritual Values and Teachings into Business"

"An Institutional Pathway for Life-long Learning"

Our mission is to make valuable connections by exchanging relevant knowledge, 

learning and growing together through collaborative opportunities and partnerships.

Who We Are?

N'Sight Consulting Coaches, LLC is one of the State of Texas’ notable corporate and individual training organizations.

NCC has provided learning and development solutions to clients since  2020. Our offerings range from soft skills and corporate training,  leadership and talent development, job training and career coaching, and college exploration.


Our professional knowledge-based firm focuses on assisting individuals, small businesses, corporations, and grassroots organizations in finding viable solutions to specific problems, maximizing efficiency, and productivity through our unparalleled network of training expertise and resources.  

 NCC customizes training courses and develops content that will educate, inform, and inspire others to become Servant Leaders in their respective communities. Our functional expertise includes Career Counseling and Lifestyle Development, Training, Education and Leadership Development, Nonprofit & Business Start-ups along with Church and Business Administration.

What We Do?

 NCcreates a culture of life-long learning where we continuously invest in the human capital development of all our clients that will help them grow and succeed as a professional and change agents in their respective communities.

How We Do It?

NCC offers relevant leadership development workshops, training materials, assessments, and training books that can help clients hone in on their leadership skills in a way that best meets their organizational needs.

Why We Do It?

Organizations compete through people-their intangible assets (Human Capital). Today's employers are looking not only for "touch labor" workers, but the "KNOWLEDGE WORKER." The "knowledge worker" is the most sought after because of their intangible assets are hard for competitors to imitate, which makes them a powerful source of sustainable competitive advantage. 

Employers are seeking and demanding successful attitudes, interpersonal skills, critical-thinking abilities, effective communication skills, and strong work ethics in their employees. Therefore, NCC helps clients to develop and perfect these skill sets to become better prepared for work and life.

Our flexible delivery options allow clients to choose a training solution that works best with their schedule and budget. Contact us at to find out how we can help you. 

 SERVANT LEADERS Serving the LORD Through Business!

What is Human Capital?

It is the collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individuals that can be used to create economic value for the individuals, their employees, or their community. Education and training is an investment in human capital that pays off in terms of higher productivity (


"Corporations compete through people- intangible assets; what individuals can bring to the table. Here it is not just about profitability but sustainability!"

N'Sight Consulting Coaches, LLC  specializes in Corporate Training, Professional Development, and On-site Learning programs.

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Proud Member of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce.

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