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NCC Institute, LLC offers industry-leading professional development for individuals, students, grassroots, business owners, entrepreneurs, and trainers. Stay ahead of the game with our practical, hands-on learning experiences taught by expert consultants in various fields. Choose from a variety of non-credit certificate programs, workshops, and CEUs courses. Prices vary based on course and group size. Contact us at

Advisory Services

Business Solutions

Development of Corporate 

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 Non Credit Courses with

Certificates of Completion 

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Interactive Training

Workshops and Conferences

Workshops and Coaching

From interactive leadership workshops to multiple coaching options and time-saving training products, NCC Institute educates, trains, and coaches leaders to use their collective skills, knowledge, and other intangible assets to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development.

Leadership Development

With our Leader Development workshops, the goal is to work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to build better leaders. These workshops are designed to be thought-provoking development programs in which participants learn how to become an effective decision-maker.

Coaching Services

Training Materials, Assessments & Other Resources 

NCC offers leadership development workshop materials, assessments, and training books that can help you hone professional leadership skills in a way that best meets your organizational needs.


Human Capital Development

HCD is beneficial for individuals, existing and new employees from all different levels. HDC training is an extremely effective way to build an efficient, respectful and collaborative culture-ultimately affecting your company's bottom line. NCC connects  individual and organizational learning to improve not just the organizations "bottom line," but also the sustainability of highly competent people.


Whatever the client's needs may be, our Consultants will by conferencing discuss implementing organizational change, development of programs, strategic planning, projects, budgets in details, etc. Also, NCC will conduct leadership training that will help for-profit or not-for-profit clients improve the quality and effectiveness of their corporate leadership to increase productivity. There is much more to offer clients here at N'Sight Consultant Coaches.

TRAININGS, WORKSHOPS, Seminars, Mini Conferences, Lunch & Learn and MUCH, MUCH MORE!


  • Servant Leadership & Leadership Skills
  • Team Building: "The Whole-Body Fits Together"
  • Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Time Management: "Get Rid of Time Wasters"
  • Conflict Resolution" "Peace Makers Not Peace Breakers"
  • Business Communication & Writing


  • Goal Getters: "Turn Procrastination into Productivity"
  • Improving Self-Awareness
  • Anger Management: "Keep Calm-Stay Alert"
  • Organizational Skills: "Declutter Your Work-Life"
  • Stress Management: I'm Livin' My Best Life
  • Assertiveness & Self Confidence
  • "Foundations for Critical Thinking "
  • Creative Problem-Solving Skills


  • "The Art of Business Networking"
  • "Think Like A Boss Series "
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creating A Great Webinar
  • Become an Event Planner
  • How to Start A Business

Contact us today to customize a training program that will meet

the professional development needs of all employees in your firm!

Studies have actually shown that a gap in basic soft skills among company employees affects the company's success and increases turnover rates.

The Society for Human Resource Management

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